What if Form 16 not received from Employer?

Although, its mandatory for an employer to issue Form 16 to its employee but in any case employer does not give or issue Form 16 to its employee then how an employee can file his ITR i.e. Income Tax Return without Form 16, here below are the steps required to follow by the employee to file his Income tax Return without Form 16.

Steps required to be followed by employee for filing his ITR are as below :

  1. Collect your payslips and figure out your Taxable Income
  2. Your tax credit / 26-AS will help you find the exact tax deducted
  3. Renting? Don’t lose out on HRA if you’re eligible
  4. Claim your deductions
  5. Income from other sources
  6. Pay additional tax if necessary
  7. Finally, file your income tax return

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